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This website will vanish in July, 2017. Unitl then we hope you enjoy our links about cohousing, in which we sincerely believe.
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“It’s the end
of the world,
said the caterpillar.”

“It’s just the beginning,
said the butterfly.”


Dear Friends & Supporters of Placitas Sage,

The members of Placitas Sage Cohousing have decided to dissolve our LLC. We will not be forming a Cohousing community in Placitas NM.

The blow of having our rezoning application dragged out for more than 6 months was devastating. And once we regrouped we were faced with starting over. In the end, we decided that we would become “a community without buildings.”

We are incredibly sad but we are not defeated. We made these new plans with grace and loving kindness. We remain a remarkable community. As has been said recently, “nevertheless — they persisted.” And so we have and will continue to do so.

We will also continue to be advocates of Cohousing and hope that others across the country will find a more hospitable environment as they proceed with their plans.

Thanks to all who have supported our dream over the years. You will always be a part of our new and evolving vision of community.

This quilt by member Judith Roderick expresses our feelings toward those who opposed our cohousing community's first choice of location, those who were unable to share our vision. We appreciate the support of the many Placitas residents who share our disappointment.

c. Judith Roderick
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